Download an image

How can I download an image from an application to my phone?

You can do that either with the printscreen or sending it with an Workflow/email.

can i click on the image i and holding select using the download menu?

I plan to add a lot of image from the smartphone’s gallery as well as downloading images to a smartphone, so it’s very inconvenient to send emails every time I download, is there another solution to my problem, including downloading offline files without access to the Internet?


You create virtual column to dynamically generate the hyperlink to the saved image file. When your user click the link app will open up image in browser . User hold down over the image and then download to device become available to save the file to local .

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Good workaround!

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thanks for the help

Thank you

You are welcome

Perhaps you know an example of a proposal that implements this solution could share with me

I dont have particular sample for this, but you just create virtual column with expression like this.


This should generate hyperlink to your image file on the same row. Click hyperlink on your mobile phone then it will open external browser. Keep pressing down your thumb on the image, then option should become available to download image.

Thank you very much. I’ll do it now.

Make sure to set the data type to URL for that virtual column.
Should be easy one.


I changed to the formula correctly?
hyperlink(CONCATENATE(“Фотоконкурс-1044910”, ENCODEURL(“YOURAPPNAME-APPID”), “&tableName=Лист1”, ENCODEURL(“в/у первая сторона”), “&fileName=”, ENCODEURL([в/у первая сторона])),“Link to image”)

Tell me

  1. Your AppName-ID You can find on the url on the browser when you are playing around with app editor.
  2. Your table name where you image file is sitting.
  3. The field/column name of your image file.

I can construct the expression for you.

One minute

1 Фотоконкурс-1044910
2 Лист1
3 в/у первая сторона

Could you try this one instead?

hyperlink(CONCATENATE(“”, ENCODEURL(“Фотоконкурс-1044910”), “&tableName=”, ENCODEURL(“Лист1”), “&fileName=”, ENCODEURL([в/у первая сторона])),“Link to image”)