Download Type File Arbitrary Extension

I have a files stored in columns of type file with various extensions (html/kbdx) and are unable to view/download them from mobile (Android) when clicking on the link; desktop functionality is there).
I would like to download this file for use with my devices selected software.

Where are these files hosted Kyle? There might be ways to customize the URL structure to make the preview/download more compatible on mobile depending on where it’s hosted. For example, methods with DropBox:

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The link in the browser shows as
appending a ?dl=1 to the string returns “Something went wrong” response.
No clear way how to edit the url in the mobile ui, either as an upload or in an address bar after the file is clicked. This is a file upload where when opened on mobile the file is not accessible unless associated by an unknown definition

(PDF,HTML works with application selection prompt).