Downloading PDF Message on Samsung Galaxy S8+...

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Downloading PDF Message on Samsung Galaxy S8+

Hi, does anyone know how I can loose a very annoying message that comes up on screen when downloading pdf’s from AppSheet on my Samsung Galaxy S8+? Screenshot of message is below - also I cannot then return to my App without seeing the message a second time! As I don’t seem to have the same problem on my tablet I’m guessing it is a problem with the settings on my S8+, but cannot find what!

Strange thing is message says I’ll be prompted to choose an app, but the thing is the pdfs open automatically once downloaded without prompting me to choose an app anyway.

A steer in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Steve

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@StudentHomes_Plymout Downloading a PDF usually takes a very short time, but can take a bit longer if internet connection is slow, or it could end in an error. The purpose of this screen is to show the user the downloading progress and errors if any. After downloading is successfully done, if the device has more than one app that can handle PDFs user will be prompt to choose between them. I agree with you that user shouldn’t see this screen once more after coming back from the PDF. I’ve fixed this behavior and it will be out in our next Android version release. Thanks for your feedback!

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Thank you for the update Gil and I can understand the need to see it if there’s a delay downloading. I note that you have changed the behaviour so that it won’t be seen a second time when returning from the pdf.