Drag and Drop (from one slice to another)

A really cool (and very common UX) feature in many apps is to drag and drop ‘elements’ - think trello, pipedrive, other Kanban style apps…

It would be great to be able to specify ‘live’ views (or ‘listening’ views) in an AppSheet app that would trigger a data change action when say a card view was dragged and dropped onto it.

We have a few Kanban style dashboards in our apps which allow the user to click arrows to move cards from one slice to another, and visually move a row of data to a different stage/gate/process etc… It works very well, but is less impressive.

I firmly believe that UI and subsequent UX is more important to buyers (potential customers) than features…… Of Course, robustness and features and functionality are critical – but they don’t matter at all if you can’t first sell it!!!

There may be a similar request already, please let me know if so and I’ll add there instead (couldn’t find one).

Yes!!! That is also a big missing thing for me. This would be a great improvement…
I came around it when I wanted to be able to sort data (rows) in the table view manuelly.

Currently is very complicated (somehow achievable through buttons and action to sort up and down, but makes a lot of data for it to be loaded up and makes the synching a never ending story)…

Thank you guys!

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