Drag and Drop UX - to the Pixel detail

Hello all,
I’ve been migrating from Filemaker to AppSheet and am almost complete, I’m sorry if this has been repeated but could not find this question.

Is AppSheet looking to build a heavily customized drag and drop UX feature, to the pixel detail?
As an example, in Filemaker, I could drag any field, anywhere, and have a very tiny font. My team is used to our old database and QuickBooks (tiny fonts and compressed groups).

To my knowledge this is not possible, the columns will appear in order, using interactive dashboards and side-by-side views can compress but not by much. I do not seem to be able to use font smaller than 18 either? Which to me is pretty large, we are used to 10/12.

I am familiar with the autogenerated text, so I have attempted to create a set of 10 fields auto-generate to show a more compressed view, but it’s just not the same. Then, any little change requires changing the expression, a pain.

If anyone has any advice or news, would love it.
Thank you for your time.

Highly doubt it.


I don’t know what this means.

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Thank you Marc,
To compress the fields I used the " Concatenate" expression. After each field I indented to the next line.

This way there would be no vertical padding between the fields entered. But then creating the titles, and aligning are difficult, etc etc.

Is there another software that can view Google Sheets in real time, that has a low code UI builder? I just found Internal.io that seems promising.

I would like to have Appsheet host 98% of my main functions then build particular layouts for more specialized use cases on the other software.