Drag Map Marker to adjust location

We often make reports while working in canyons or near cliffs that obscure GPS satellites, giving inaccurate locations. We can update the location on our phones by editing the report. Then using the small map, we can zoom in/out and drag the red marker to the correct location on a hiking trail. However this is very time consuming because the map is so small and Map/Satellite toggle and +/- zoom toggle are in the way. See attached picture. Dragging the marker to the north is nearly impossible.

I understand that much of the functionality comes from Google Maps. However I would appreciate it if you could find a workaround that would help us. Ideas could include: 1) making the map vertically bigger after going into edit mode, 2) making the font of Map/Satellite and +/- smaller.


Yes, I understand your frastration, I posted the same request recently.