Drag Table rows up and down

Feature to drag rows up and down in table view will be great way to schedule tasks and prioritize things for a manufacturing company.

If the ordering created by the dragging was supposed to “stick” beyond that single moment looking at that view, then it would require manipulating some data in each row. You can fairly easily create your own action to do that data manipulation for you with buttons clicks, and have the view set the Sort By the data column being manipulated.

A better feature request here may be to add in an up and down dragging behavior, much like you can specify actions to run upon swiping left or right on records in a Deck view.


As @Marc_Dillon advised, you need to manupulate the data to record the seq order or the rows you would like to present app users when it comes to Appsheet.

Then manupulate those number by actions to move row up and down as user want.

It looks like this, which is from one of my production apps.


Number with round icon is actually representing [_rownumber] field or each row. Swip row on deck view either right or left move the row up and down. This row order is saved to the data source.


I already have done this and its very hectic because if i have 100s of rows i have to click soo many times to make that row reach at top. Its really annoying.


You should make another action for “move to top”


Thats Cool! Thanks a lot for that Idea.

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