DreamFactory and AppSheet Connection Issue


I am trying to connect AppSheet with DreamFactory and I am receiving a connection issue when I try to make a connection to my DreamFactory instance. My DreamFactory instance has an external IP and I have all of the AppSheet servers whitelisted. I followed the AppSheet/DreamFactory On-Premises documentation. I have my API key which I am referencing in the connection. I also created a user with specific permissions to a SQL Server table I am connected to in DreamFactory. I know the DreamFactory to my SQL Server is working perfectly because I can test it with Postman internally. My issue seems to be coming from AppSheet trying to connect to my DreamFactory instance. Are there any ports that need to be opened to my DreamFactory instance? Please see the error in the screenshot below.

Thank you,


Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.