Driver On Call App Idea Question

I created an app based upon a Google form which populates a spreadsheet This form captures 30 drivers preferences such as when and where they want to work. My intention is to provide a call list to 50 auto dealers of drivers who are ready and willing to work and to avoid the calling drivers who may be off for either personal or other issues. Once this form is submitted the driver preference will remain effective until the driver changes it. For example a driver may want to drive Monday through Thursday.and always take Friday off. However if something comes up I want this driver to be able to amend his/her entry. It appears that this can be done as long as the edit switch is turned on. Is this right?


@Scott_Silverstine - the answer is probably yes, but it is not that clear if you are having the driver do update susong google forms or Appsheet. If Appsheet, you can allow users to edit their entries directly, and that will be updated in the google sheet.

Here is what I found in connection with this test app I am testing. Essentially the app provides a list of each driver and the info they entered in the Google form. The Google form captures info like where and when the driver wants to work such as days, hours, dealerships, etc. In the appshare program this list enables drivers to click on their entry and make changes. When this happens a new record occurs in the spreadsheet bearing a timestamp but the changed fields are modified in the original record in the spreadsheet. I think this is sorta wierd. Why wouldn’t the appshare program simple reproduce all the entries including the amended field and save it as a new row or record with a new timestamp?

I am not completely following how you are using google forms and then the Appsheet app.

Are you using a google form to create the initial record in the gSheet, and then using Appsheet to change those existing records (no adds or deletes), and not allowing edits through the google form?

Appsheet should only add new rows if you allow ADD in the tables. Otherwise you can edit the gSheet rows in Appsheet. You may want to check your Appsheet table and columns settings to be sure you don’t have ADD records enabled for the table (if that’s how you want this to work), and that your table key in the column definition makes sense (is unique).

Working a bit blind here so hope my comments help…

Mike let me clarify. A google form creates the initial record. Then I am using appsheet to provide the results to the drivers. By changing one of these records in appsheet you create an additional row which is not what I want to create. Based on what you are saying changes can be made to initial record in appsheet without creating another row provided that add records are not enabled for the table.

With respect to the initial record, does appsheet have a way to do this in order to avoid the need to use a Google form?

Also can I allow a group of persons in addition to the drivers to open this app without permission to make any changes to the individual records? I ask this because I want managers to see the list of drivers and their specific and current deriving preferences. I don’t want managers to have the ability to edit the driver preferences.

If there isn’t way to exclude managers from making changes I am thinking that I will just create another app just for managers in order to view the driver preferences.

Hi @Scott_Silverstine You should be able to do everything you want through the app without using the google form anymore. Check out some of the documentation including this article.

The only way I know that you would be getting “additional” rows in your gSheet would be if you were to ADD and new record thought Appsheet instead of editing the data in current record. So something does not make sense.

As @Lynn is suggesting, I think you first need to do a bit more reading in area to become a bit more familiar with Appsheet capabilities. Basically everything you asked about is available in Appsheet and can be configured to handle data updates. security, and views you may want. There are also some great videos on YouTube that help as well. You can even consider joining the learning webinars offered each week to help you with the basics (I can find the link in support if you want to do that).


Lynn thanks for link. I have been traveling and just got to see some of this useful info. Appreciate your help. Everytime a play around with this program, walk away and come back to it, more possibilities pop up.

If I create a Google form where over 10 dealers input requirements for drivers such as vehicle delivery, dealer trade, auction pickup, etc. This form will also show destination, how many drivers are needed, date and time deadline, etc. How would you suggest showing the data collected to over 30 drivers through appsheet? I would also want to enable the dealers to assign the specific runs to as many drivers as needed and to enable to info to show up to both drivers and dealers.

Is it possible to provide users a form with a drop down list of choices from another table which appsheet can attach to and make available as these drop down selections? Any examples?