Drop-down based on value of previous drop down

Hello, I’m kind of new and need a bit of help understanding something.

I have a table which is essentially my data entry table. On that table I have 2 dropdowns “Brand” and “Sauce Name”

On table 2, I have 2 columns representing “Brand” and “Sauce Name” - each brand has around 4-6 “Sauce Name” entries related to that brand.

What I want to do is to have the dropdown “Sauce Name” on table one be relative to the Brand chosen in the previous drop-down - picking the data from all “sauce name” by that “brand” in sheet 2.

I managed to draw a list of Brands from sheet 2 to Brand on sheet 1 but I’m not getting far with the Sauce Name field.

Any advice…

This is probably what you’re looking for: Dependent Dropdown | AppSheet Help Center

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