Drop-down list

One of my columns in Data sheet is currently a decimal, but i need to change it to a dropdown list with names that have a reference number, the app will show the name but i need it to use the number infact as this row is connected to other rows to do a calculation.

For instance:
Description Reference Nr.
Pool fitted with cover 0.1
Condominium pool 0.5
Therapy pool 0.65

So the App user will need to select a number according to the description, and then in the field only the number gets filled.
how do i do this?

Hi @George_Abdelnour, Sorry for just saw you post.

have you find the answer for your question?
I don’t know any straight forward method to get what you want, those steps are something like:

  1. Add one column as enum type to hold the Dropdown list with names that have reference number. This column will also available in your google sheet.

  2. Add one Virtual column in your table with a function to check what will be selected dropdown value and use SWITCH() function to change that names to decimal.

  3. Assign App_Formula for the decimal column equal to the new virtual column.

  4. Whenever users click save in a form view, the decimal will be written as decimal.

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