Drop Down Selections to Show in Google Sheets?

Hi! For our business, we use an app for our drivers as they do their route, picking up compost from customers.

We have a section or tab on the app called Driver Time Log, where drivers can type in their name, the day’s date automatically fills, as well as the time of the entry creation. They then can edit the entry when they’re done to add the time they end their route and add any notes they want. All this data syncs to a sheet in our Google Sheets, labeled Driver Time Log. So it can be seen on the app but also on the Google Sheet.

Now I’m trying to add a drop down section called Action, where the driver could select a list of activities (lunch, truck prep, Route 1, Route 2) so that we can know what they did during the time entry. Ideally, I’d like to have it show up in the form, when they fill out everything else, and I’d like for their selection to sync and show under the Action column I’ve created in the Driver Time Log Sheet.

So far I’ve been able to create a drop down menu through AppSheet by setting the column Action to type Enum. It works in the app. Drivers could select an action while filling out the rest of the time log, but the choice doesn’t sync up to the Google Sheet, like the rest of the data does.

Any advice? Thank you in advance!

Hey @Suncoast_Compost, welcome!

Just to make sure I’m clear, drivers will open up a form, fill out some fields, pick a dropdown option from the Action field, then hit ‘Save’ - and all the fields save to your Google Sheet except the Action field?

Do you have any formulas or ‘Data Validations’ set in your Google Sheet to help provide dropdown options there? If so, that might be interfering with the sync…