Dropdown and derefence HELP. newbie here

I need some help. I want my Barcode Column to get its data from another table.(What expressions do I need?) After that I want to do derefence from Barcode column to Columns : Name, Category, Image, Unit price and so on

What other table is the [barcode] column referencing? Does this table has columns: [name],[category],[image], etc?

Yes it has the same column

Product reference1 is the name of my table reference. It has columns: Barcode, Name, Category, Unit Price

Sheet1 is the table of my collected data from Product reference1 (source table).

In Sheet1, the Barcode column is a Ref column. Edit that column and make sure the Table source for the Ref is your “Product reference1” table.

As @Marc_Dillon is pointing out, for the Formulas in Sheet1 to work, the columns Name, Category, Image, Unit Price, Description, Available, etc all need to exist as those names in the “Product reference1” table.

I wouldn’t set the [Barcode] column in Sheet1 as the key column for that table. Optimally you should add a separate key column, but for now you can just try to switch the [_RowNumber] to be the key column.

Let’s see a screenshot of the column details screen that pops up when you click where the arrow is in the following screenshot.

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Did you change the key column like I suggested?
Can we see a screenshot of the product reference table’s columns?