Dropdown Filtering based on Last Selection

Hi Everyone.

I have recently started to build an app for my company with AppSheet and have stumbled into a problem I cannot seem to find the right answer for.

So I have the following Tables drawn from Tabs in Google Sheets;


For “Companies”, “Contacts” & “Assets” I have successfully created forms however for “Tickets” I wish for the following fields;

Company - Draws Company Names from Companies Table
Asset - I can draw all assets from my assets table however I want to only show assets related to the company selected from the dropdown above that is referencing the companies table.

So to confirm I need to only show assets that have the unique identifier of the company opposed to showing all assets in the system?

Can anyone help?

In the Valid_If field, you can put an expression like
FILTER(Assets , [company] = [_THISROW].[company])
The first “[company]” is a column in the Assets table, the second “[company]” is a column in the Tickets table.

Also, for reference, but may not actually help in this situation:

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