Dropdown List not generating?


I’ve imported my Google Sheet, set one column as ‘enum’ and provided a list of values, however, it is still showing as a number within the app, not as a drop-down menu. It should show a list of reason codes from 1 - 5, however it just shows ‘1’ as a static element. How do I fix this?

How it currently looks, what I expect and my column setup can be found here:


What formula are you using with the Valid If or do you have fixed values?

I have fixed values

Do you have any initial value?

Yes, it’s set as =“Reason Code 1”

Please post a full screenshot of the view that displays the reason code improperly.

I’ve had to blank out the picture up the top due to GDPR

Your screenshot appears to show what I understand is your desired behavior. Do I misunderstand?

I was expecting a dropdown box to allow a user to select an option, from the values I’ve set

The view in your screenshot appears to be a detail view. Normally, users cannot modify values directly from the detail view. If you want that column value modifiable from the detail view, you’ll need mark it for Quick Edit.

Fantastic - Thank you! It wasn’t too clear in the drop-down article on your help center but this has solved it.

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