Dropdown list not seeing new entries

i have an app using a gsheet that contains a list of clients in tab A, in tab B a form from appsheet is populating sales order data as orders are placed in the app. the client column in tab B is using a data validation constraint from gsheets. appsheet automatically translates this to an Enum dropdown list. this works great. the problem is when a new client as added to the list in tab A. the dropdown does not see the new client even after i sync the app. inside gsheets the dropdown inthe cell shows the new client in the list properly. if i go into appsheet and change the data type of the column, sync, change it back, and sync again, it repopulates the list correctly. is there a time limit i should expect for these cached lists to sync automatically?

I believe a sync is not sufficient. Instead, you must either save a change to your app config, or regenerate the table’s columns. This is because the import of data validation changes the app itself by redefining the allowed Enum values. A deep change to the app itself requires the app creator’s involvement.

i see. thanks for the quick reply. so since our client list is not static, that means my approach is wrong. what would be a better way to have Appsheet query a column on one tab to use as a drop down of select-able options in an input form for a different tab knowing that the column of data will have periodic additions without administrator intervention?

so i found the data validity valid if rule in appsheet and this seemed to do the trick after i took out the matching rule from gsheet. the problem i am running into now is that the enum dropdown list doesnt seem to be containing all the values from the column the validity rule applies to. is there a hard limit to drop down list entries, this list has 322 entries so far and the dropdown menu stops at 275.

the issue was resolved. there was a problem in the table sourcing the list for the dropdown. deleting and readding the table in appsheet fixed the issue where restructuring did not, so if you have a similar issue, try that.

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Be careful trying this solution. This will also delete any virtual columns, mess up any formatting or behavior based on those columns and potentially create a slew of other issues that will have to be fixed. I ended up having to just revert to a previous version and find another way of fixing it because deleting and re-adding the table caused too many other issues.

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