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In my app i would like to create a dropdown menu…when i add a new item on the app, on the label ID, i want to put a drowdown menu, i can use the enum option, but i need to put like 3000 lines, so its possible get the data from the spreedsheet of excel?

Here is the app: https://www.appsheet.com/start/ee88b248-9851-461e-b8fe-84d5a973e540

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Hi @Proenca! Welcome to app sheet!! The best option for you is using a Ref type column. Its a way to link to another table of values and will automatically display the rows in that other table in a dropdown.

To learn more, please read this article on Ref column types

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other question… in the spreedsheet i have 3 fields… there is possible when i select one on the dropdown menu the other two fields be filled in automatically according to the spreadsheet?

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Yes you certainly can. A Ref column is merely a reference to a row in another table. You can then access any other data on that row through “dot” notation like this [Ref Column].[Desired Column]. Note the names in the square brackets are made up names for illustrative purposes. You would replace them with names used in your app.

Here is an example. Lets say I have an Order Table and a Customer Table. My customer table may have these columns:


In my Order Table I want to be able to chose the Customer from a dropdown but I also want to show the address as the “Job Address” and the phone as the “Job Phone”, so my Order table would include (among other columns) these 3:

Job Address
Job Phone

I define Customer as a Ref column to the Customer Table, Job Address as Address and Job Phone as Phone.

Now, when I chose the Customer I want to copy over the address and phone into my Order. I would update each of these columns “Initial Value” properties like so:

Job Address Initial Value = [Customer].[Address]
Job Phone Initial Value = [Customer].[Phone]

Now when I create a new Order and choose a Customer, the Job Address and Job Phone valuse will automatically be updated with the current Address and Phone from the customer record.

I hope this all makes sense!!! Good luck!!



Thanks for the explanation. I will try to do! :slight_smile: