Dropdown menu copy multible columns to another gsheet based on row number?

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I am quite new into app.sheet, so hopefully you guys can help me out.
We have a customers sheet(ref values), with customer data, first, middle name, last name, adress etc etc.

I want to create a dropdown menu, where we can select or search in the gsheet with all the customer information. We can search on firstname, middle and lastname.(ref values)

And we can save this data to another gsheet(dropdowns)

Already found an example of it.

This is working, but only for one column with the function ref, what i want is if i select one name in the ref values that he will also copy column middle naam, last name to gsheet dropdowns from the same row.

How can i do this is?

Already thanks.

The values that appear in the dropdown correspond to which column is set as the Label column in the referenced table. If you want to see more information in the dropdown, you can create a new column that concatenates multiple values together (first name + last name, etc), and set that column as the Label.

You can also pull different column values from the ref’d table via a dereference, like:

[ref-column].[first name]
[ref-column].[last name]

Hope that helps.

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Top thanks, guys.