Dropdown Menu to open another another form/tab

I have made an AppSheet application, which I am using for surveying buildings and other physical features on land. It has 4 main categories building, road, education, and open land. Each one has a separate view as well as a map, where people can drop a location pin on their said category view and fill up a form. Now I have merged all the views in one single category named ‘review’ so that people can see which part of their Area of Interest or feature is left out.
I am trying to create a dropdown menu, whereafter they drop the pin, it opens the dropdown menu and has all the 4 categories, from there they select the category they need and it opens the original one so that every information is stored in the right sheet.
For example, if they drop a pin on a building and they select a building, it should open the original form/tab of the building. Is there a way in which I can achieve this?
Thank you in advance.

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Add quick edit columns in the details view.
When you click the pin, you’ll have the details view but the specified column will be editable

ok will do and will share the update on how it goes, thank you.