Dropdown Selection (Limit)

Hi, I am new to Appsheet, I am making a product selection from a dropdown for my users.
*The product selection is coming from a cloume and is listed as enum for selection.

  • I want to limit the selection of product. Once the product is selected by a user(1) user(2) should not see the product user(1) had selected. And Want product selected by user(1) to be shown in their profile so they can cancel it or accept it in future (if it’s available).

Any Help Would be Great

Hi @bobbyapps_contact! Welcome to the community!

An enum displays a list. So, what you want to do will involve working with list expressions:

I think you’ll want to make two lists: 1) a list of all of your products; and 2) a list of products that have been chosen. Then, you’ll need to subtract the second one from the first one to get a list of products that are still available.

I hope that’s enough to get you started. If not, please respond with a more specific question. If I can I’ll try to respond but if I’m not able to I think someone else will help.

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