DUPLICATE ENTRIES Anyone here have experience...

(WhiteCrow MD) #1

DUPLICATE ENTRIES Anyone here have experience on making multilpe entries on the same “key”? I have an APP which takes data of patients being admitted, how do I go about the data entry of patients being re-admitted? In simplest words, how will I add new data to an already existing “key”? Note: The data points are the same but are extracted on different timeline. That’s why there’s only one “key” or patient . Key = Patient ID no. Ex. of Data Points Diagnosis Procedure Done Surgeon

Hope someone can help, Thank you

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

It’s impossible to save with the same Key and if you try to do that (when offline), it will overwrite your existing record when saving. The solution in here is a reference. One parent record (patient ID) and few child records like Diagnosis, Surgeons etc. You can read more about it from here…

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