Duplicate Images being captured

I have a client reporting an image did not appear on their emailed pdf report and when they go into the app, the image could not be displayed either. When I check the record in Google Sheets it looks fine but when I check the directory storing the images, I see two files named exactly the same. This would explain the reason the system or pdf couldn’t display the image. But how could the files be generated with the same exact file name?

Field drivers capture the data and images in the app throughout the day. I suspect a scenario like this:

  1. The driver enters the data and captures the image
  2. Saves the record
  3. Reopens the record
  4. Clears the image
  5. Recaptures the image.
  6. Presses Save

Could this cause the files to be named exactly the same? If yes, it appears the 2nd image captured should have generated an image with a “_1” behind the image file name - Yes?

Will standby for any thoughts on this one.

Thanks so much

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Maybe at step 5 user uploaded from device gallery instead of recapturing (i know some devices also retains in gallery the photos captured via appsheet) ?!

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One looks empty:

Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.


Will do. Thanks Steve

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