Duplicate records created during sync

I found the following scenario occurred today, but have no idea how it happened. I have an app MeritPoleAudit-723039 in which I have several users performing inventory. My spreadsheet has one main table ‘Poles’ and multiple related tables ‘Attachments’, ‘Spans’, etc. that all reference back to the Poles table by the _PoleID. None of the users have reported any issues, but I found that there are two records that have identical data sync’d at around 11:00 this morning. There is a related set of records duplicated in one of the other tables also. Because the _PoleID is duplicated in the Poles table and it is a unique key, other applications pulling this data reported the issue. Just thought I’d report this since it could be an issue for others. To remedy the downstream issues with duplicate keys, I’ve had to delete the duplicate record.

What column type are you using for the key column in your “Poles” table? Is it a DateTime?

No, the key is the _PoleID field which is type Text.

What are you using as an initial value?


Are you saying that you have two records in one table and they have the same Unique 8-digit Key column’s value?

Yes exactly. Two records with a duplicate value in the _PoleID field. We caught it when our backoffice process reads the new records into a PowerBI cube. It threw an error due to the duplicate value in the PK field. So I compared
the records and confirmed the whole row was duplicated, then deleted the duplicate row so we could move forward.


Both records are totally identical?

Yes sir. I checked 3 times because I didn’t want to delete one of them until I made absolutely sure. And I’m very sure that the key field (_PoleID) was duplicated because another DB alerted me to it when the data was being pulled
into that BI tool.

Would you please send an email with details to support@appsheet.com. We need to investigate more deeply.

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