Duplicate workflow emails

Hi. I keep getting duplicate workflow emails- how do I stop this?

Unfortunately this did not help :frowning:

Hi @MTurner
Could you please supply more info about your workflows and templates.

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Any chance that you have an Event action with your form view?

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My app is still in Prototype stage.

I’m getting two emails for at least one of my workflows. In the header of the body:

1.starts with - Add to application 'Requ…

  1. starts with - Update to application ‘Requ…

Everything else in the email is identical.

Now I need to investigate. … I have When This Happens, Adds and Updates. Processing as I write. I have an action added to the Save event for the form, so it is being Added and Updated at the SAME time, when that action, which is conditional, runs. Now to figure out how to solve that.

When you have an event action with the form view, it will trigger the workflow first and then the action is triggered. When that action update something with your record, it will trigger the Workflow again and that’s why you are receiving two emails.


I put this in the IF THIS IS TRUE Condition of my workflow and it stopped the duplicate emails based on what I posted below: