Duration based notifications

Hi, I’ve got a question:

So I’m working on a Meetings Management App. Basically users can start meetings previously created, during the meeting they can create tasks and assigned them to a coworker, they can end a meeting and then keep track of the tasks. Kind of a Project Management App.

Each meeting records a [Start Time] and an [End Time] because each meeting has a previously determined [Expected Duration], in that way we can have a [Real Duration] vs [Expected Duration] KPI. The real duration being [End Time] - [Start Time]

The thing is that most of the time users forget to end the meeting so the [Real Duration] is always way higher than the [Expected Duration] and therefore that KPI becomes unaccurate.

I tried to solve this by setting up a notification for when the meeting is about to end, a second notification for when the duration of the meeting is 1.33X the expected duration and then a third notification via email for when the duration of the meeting is 2.15X the expected duration. All to remind the user to end the meeting on the app.
I did these workflows using the following filter conditions:

First notification: AND(NUMBER(NOW()-[Star Time]))>=(0.85*NUMBER([Expected 
Duration]),NUMBER(NOW()-[Start Time]))<(1.33*NUMBER([Expected Duration]))

Second notification: AND(NUMBER(NOW()-[Star Time]))>=(1.33*NUMBER([Expected 
Duration]),NUMBER(NOW()-[Start Time]))<(2.15*NUMBER([Expected Duration]))

Third notification: NUMBER(NOW()-[Star Time]))>=(2.15*NUMBER([Expected Duration])

However, notifications are not working. Could this be because the filter condition is not always updating on the NOW() expression? or could it be because there is nothing triggering the action?

How could I achieve these notifications? Another approach maybe?
I’ve been stuck here for a while and any idea could help :slight_smile:

Although I’ve been told by another person that NUMBER() with a temporal argument returns a number of seconds, I’ve not been able to reproduce that. Try using TOTALSECONDS() instead.


Shouldn’t this be [Start Time] ?

Another thing: Don’t you want to use a notification instead of sending an E-Mail?

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Yes, it is actually [Start Time] in the app, I didn’t copy and paste. Also Im using notifications already for the first and second workflow and an email for the third but still can’t figure out how to solve this.