Duration expression

Hi. please help. I need to calculate the duration from Released Timestamp to 4 more timestamp ([Timestamp 1],[Timestamp 2],[Timestamp 3],[Timestamp 4])

This formula is correct if I only calculate the duration from Released Timestamp to [Timestamp 1] :

IF(ISBLANK([Released Timestamp]),0,
HOUR([Released Timestamp]-[Timestamp 1])/24)

I tried to include the other timestamp using β€œOR” function but I got an error:

IF(ISBLANK([Released Timestamp]),0,
HOUR([Released Timestamp]-OR([Timestamp 1],[Timestamp 2]))/24)

error :
Condition OR([Timestamp 1],[Timestamp 2]) has an invalid structure: subexpressions must be Yes/No conditions

Could you please help me with my expression?

The logical expressions evaluate subsexpressions that result in TRUE or FALSE. For example

OR( [ReleasedTimeStamp] > =[ChangeTimestamp 1], [ReleasedTimeStamp] < =[ChangeTimestamp 2])

I believe you may wish to further elaborate what results you are trying to achieve with those 4 timestamps.

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