Duration type of column but just minutes + seconds

Hello Community!

I´m trying to prototype an app for documenting the duration of some behavioural tests, that usually take less than 5 minutes. I would like the Duration column to record and display only minutes : seconds, and if possible ± buttons such as the ones on the the number type columns.

Is there any way to do this?

Thanks in advance

You may wish to explore the workaround below. It sounds that the needful can be done with the help of two columns.

Create a number type column called say [SetDuration] with Maximum value as 300 ( corresponding to 5 minutes), minimum value 0 , increment decrement value 1

Create a duration type column say [BehaviorTestDuration] with an expression something like

TIME(“00:”&(“0”&FLOOR([SetDuration]/60),&":"&RIGHT(“0”&( MOD([SetDuration],60)),2)))-“00:00:00”

The user can set the duration through the [SetDuration] number type column in seconds. The expression in [BehaviorTestDuration] converts the seconds set in [SetDurtion] to a “mm:ss” duration value.

It will look like something below

Edit: Made the duration expression more compact.

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