Dynamic Action from Row I would like to appl...

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Dynamic Action from Row

I would like to apply a dynamic condition on a view from a sheets row. TableA: ID,Name,Address,Date TableB: Name,Filter Action: LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“TableA”, [Filter]) TableB lists Name,Filter rows to be applied by the row action. A filter use-case (atm) is to apply an address zip or date match. So, if I wanted to apply a filteredview on [Address]=[Filter] where Filter="[Zip]=77777" (address is actually separated columns; address,state,zip) how would I pull the contents into the expression without the expression failing on validation for a boolean return? Or is another method better, using SELECT() in Action expression… I would like to populate the Filter column with either numbers (as a zip) or dates and have the expression evaluate for only zips or only addresses.

Filter: “111111” “8/10/2001” “{11111,22222}” Or “[Zip]=11111” “[Date]>TODAY()” “[Zip]={11111,22222}”

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Buglouse, It appears that you wish to have dynamic filtering conditions for the filtered view action with filtering inputs coming from another table.

If it is so and If these filtering inputs in table B are going to be user defined , have you considered using usersettings option instead as filtering inputs to the LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW()

function ?

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@Suvrutt_Gurjar Agreed! I’ve used this approach as well with good results.

@Buglouse, Once you enable a User Setting, a new form view for Settings is created. You can set the Finish View of that form to go to your filtered view. And the Show_If options in the Settings columns can be used to show/hide different search options.

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Delayed Evaluation for Cell Value

What about extracting the text from a cell (VALUE()) and using that in the conditional?

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“TableB”,TEXT([Column])=[Filter]) or TEXT(CONCATENATE("[",[Column],"]")). Where [Column] contains a column to apply [Filter] to, and TEXT() reads in the value contained in cell? [Column]=“Zip”,[Filter]=77777 => LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“TableB”,[Zip]=77777)