Dynamic Action Problem

Hi all,

I have built an app to facilitate the execution of a deceased estate.

We need to create an inventory of belongings, then designate who gets what etc.

To help with this, I have built a form to capture/input data which also creates a UniqueID upon creation.

I have also created a view different views to make a better UX

  1. List view of the whole inventory
  2. Item add/edit view
  3. Item detail view
  4. Assigned items view (items already designated)
  5. Assign view (item that is undesignated)

I want to be able to select an item from the list view, and assign it to a chosen person stored in a unum list.

I created an Assign view, an Assign slice, and Assign behaviour. In the behavior I chose the ‘App: Go to another view’ rule and linked it to the Assign View.

The challenge I have is that it works — but only for one item. It is not dynamic and so while it does in fact bring up the correct view, the data is for a different item. I played around with various IF statements and can filter, but it’s still not working as desired.

So for example (please see pictures):

If I were to select the top item (artwork) by the little gavel icon, I would get the Assign View for that item.

If I were to select the item below it (TV) by its little gavel icon, I would get the Assign View of the FIRST item again (artwork), and not the second (TV).

And it would be the same for any additional item.

Any tips/suggestions/ideas? I’ve been going around in circles and can’t figure it out! Pictures below!

Many thanks,

Please provide a screenshot of the Assign action, and of its complete Target expression.

Oh thanks for the reply — is this what you were looking for?

Part 2

What if just:



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Tried that too — it loads the right view, but it doesn’t load the right content.

Have you tried LINKTOROW() ?
such as:

LINKTOROW([YourKeyColumnofThatMargie'sStuff], "Assignment_Detail")
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What would my column key be though? As I’m not trying to point to one single row but whatever the row is of the item I just clicked

To be honest, I don’t understand your table structure. What is the Key for your table?

How many tables do you have actually?

The key is a Unique() column that auto generates when creating a new item

I have the one table.

Ooooh I used LINKTOROW([ID], “Assignment_Detail”) and it worked! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

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Good to know that…

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