Dynamic / Advanced Search Filter

This requires deep knowledge over the several funcitons and features of Appsheet.
Yes, not easy, but tough.

But to see is to believe.

This is sample app where I demonstrate the custom feature for searching and filtering table view. The filter conditions are retained per app users.
As you asked, i placed the reset function as well.

It should take time to understand how it structured and works , but clues are inside here.

Good luck.



Thanks a lot @tsuji_koichi . Will review and revert.

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I voted for this also. I implemented a search filter within the dashboard as explained in the link. But there are issues, explained on the bottom of that thread, that need to be solved, like syncs building even though they aren’t needed and conflicts if 2 people are using it.

Dynamic search is essential for the dashboard.


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Hi Tsuji,

I tried this solution . It seems working but with some problems.
I have a City Column in my customer_filter ( the table which has my filter values selected using the filter form) . The City column is an enum list and contains multiple values comma separated like " Chennai, Mumbai" . This I am using to filter my customers view using the following expression.


It filters fine but only one city (one value) and filters only rows with that one city. Where do you think I have gone wrong.

Try this instead of your current expression:

      ([ID] = USEREMAIL()),
      IN([_THISROW].[City], [City])
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Thanks Steve. It works. Appreciate the help.

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