Dynamic calendar view for admin

I am wanting to do a conceptually easy thing.
It is easy to have all calendar entries for all users in the same sheet.
A slice can be used to limit users to seeing only their own entries.
It should be easy to enable the admin or specific user to see all entries at once.

What I would like to do is have a form or dashboard view where the admin can select a dynamic slice.
Showing one user at a time would be fine. I am imagining that it should also be possible to use an enum list to show one or more.

How would I do this in an easy efficient way ?

Please evaluate if the concept described inthe following sample app helps


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I was able to get the calendar to interact with the detail from the slice.
There is an issue with calendars in dashboards. The blue round circle with a plus that lets
you add entries to the calendar is not there ! Is there a setting for this ?

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This fixed the issue of adding a calendar entry well.
I have another concern. The drop down from the filter works fine but it unfortunately shows the edit circle .The needs to be hidden so that only the select functionality for the calendar at the top works. Do I modify the action ? Changing the properties of the filter table did

not seem to be the way to go

Unless you’re using a slice, editing the action is the only way to remove the button.

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Ok thanks Steve. It sounds like I am on the right track.
Yup… I should have just run with it .
Using the EXPRESSION ASSISTANT and setting the condition to [FirstName] = “text value” satisfied the requirement. Thanks once more.


setting the condition to [FirstName] = “text value” satisfied the requirement for hidding the icon.
A better way is to go into the Appearance section of the Action and set Prominence to Do not Display