Dynamic chart

Hi fellow Appsheeters,

I have a table with data.
From this table I want to make a chart.
The chart is now made but it needs a slice.
The slice needs to filter 3 columns for a different value per column.
The values to use for the slice must be entered in a new view in dropdown lists.

So result can be a dashboard view with the chart and the view were to choose the 3 values
How to make this?
I can’t figure it out, cant find any examples eighter.

If I understand you correctly, you want to dynamically filter the table based on users selection and choice. In that case, you create usersettings each assigned to three different fields, then use usersettings to filter the table when you create a slice.

Hi Tsuji,

I set the user settings and entered them into a slice, it works !

Do you know how the usersetting view be put is a dashboard view? now its in the menu.
And how can usersetting view be kept from syncronising after saving ?


See my feature request.

Currently it is not possible to place usersettings view as one of dashboard element which led me to this feature request.

Alternatively it is possible you introduce your own user table as @MultiTech_Visions suggested .

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Hey Michel, check out this sample app I have: it features a live chart setup exactly like what you’re looking for.


It looks better in a full browser window, like this the gallery view is kinda… limiting.

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Here we go. Matt magic, I would say.

There is no SYNC when the user change the selection. If we do change the params through the usersetting, then it always sync, not work like a case of Matt just shared.

It is depending on use case, If you want to refresh the app fully then usersettings should be a card we pull, but if we dont need to sync app fully, then custom user table is a option to control the setting, which is inheriting to the logging in user.

Basically I juggle both option across my apps, but case by case.

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No. I’m still working on the magic; hopefully by the end of this month it’ll be ready for release. :wink: :shushing_face:

Ah, you are making mistake already, you are now talking in the pubic, no secret, and everyone know your secret.

Looking forward to it!

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Awesome! this was something I was looking in other posts. Would be possible if you could add it an extra option, something like a “Start date time” and “End Date Time” picker?

Possible, but it would require a different build method.

This one works by flagging each individual team member, if you wanted something like that you’ll need a separate table to store those variables.

I usually put that on a User table - then pull out the user record with a slice (Current_User) where the USEREMAIL() matches something in the table. In the same User table I’ll include any live dashboard settings as extra columns - then include a slice of the user table with those columns into the live dashboard.