Dynamic columns on doc template


I´m creating a template (for a PDF report) using a docx document.

I have the table Inspections and the table Boxes (on each inspection, the inspector can inspect 0 or more boxes).

What I need is to create a table in the template and add as many columns as boxes where inspected.

I see that this dynamic behavior is possible for rows, but I didn´t find how to do it for columns.
The table should looks like this:

Of couse, in this example I added 5 boxes, but if the quantity of boxes inspected were 3, it should have only 3 columns (BOX 1, BOX 2 and BOX 3).


Unfortunately you can’t dynamically adjust the number of columns in a table in your template.

What you can do is something like this, though:

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Hi Marc, thank you. I guess it could work for now.

Now I have another question related to the attributes to evaluate (Condition, Color, Damage, etc.).

The thing is that not all of them are evaluated always, so I would like to do not display the whole line if there isn´t any box that was evaluated for it.

Example: If the 3 boxes were not evaluated on “Color”, the line “Color” should not be visible.

P.S. I´ve just tried to create each line as a separated table and use the IF expresion you described but the borders doesn´t match.