Dynamic Dashboard Filter Malfunction

Last month, my dynamic dashboard filter stopped working. The filtered table showed no results when the filter itself is blank. It’s only when you have filled all criteria that a result would show up, but that has not been the effect of the formula until now. I also tried variations of the formula but they did not work either. Was there an update that affected this? Below are some of the resources I used to create the formula and the formula itself.

or(isblank(Filter Table[Insurance Filter]),in([Insurance],Filter Table[Insurance Filter])),
or(isblank(Filter Table[Line Item Filter]),in([Line Item],Filter Table[Line Item Filter])),
or(isblank(Filter Table[Project Type]),in([Project Type],Filter Table[Project Type])),
or(isblank(Filter Table[Installer]),in([Caregiver/Installer],Filter Table[Installer])),
or(isblank(Filter Table[Status]),in([Status],Filter Table[Status])),
or(isblank(Filter Table[Region]),in([Region], Filter Table[Region])),
or(isblank(Filter Table[City]),in([City],Filter Table[City]))

This makes me think it is something weird with the ISNOTBLANK() portions of your expression.

Maybe try to change them to:

ISNOTBLANK( ANY( Filter Table[column] ) )

Notice the addition of ANY().

Nope no effect either

Hmm, ok. Maybe try to convert your

IN( [x] , Table[col] )

…portions to:

[x] = ANY( table[col] )


I’ve built this same feature in many apps, and just checked two of them and they still work fine. I always write the expressions as I’ve just asked you to try, though yours shouldn’t definitely work as well.

Nope. Not working either. What’s weird is that it works when you use the test feature, but it doesn’t when you ‘View Data’ on the filtered slice.

Please provide screenshots of this.

Possible that the Filter Table has more than one row? isblank(Filter Table[...]) only works for your purpose if the table has only one or no rows.

The table in ‘View Data’ is no longer blank but the dashboard remains as such. Does the problem lie closer in the structure of the Filter Table?

Can’t say yet.

The views included in the dashboard actually use slices that use the filter table? You’ve confirmed?

Yep. The dashboard has the slice versions of the filter table and the filtered main

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Please post the configuration for this table:


Are these what you mean?

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What did you do to get the screenshot I used above, that shows no rows? If View Data from a slice, please post a screenshot of the configuration of the slice.

Yep. View Data from the slice and that was before you suggested to eliminate the empty rows.

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Now I’m confused. You did delete some blank rows from Filter Table? And after doing so, View Data on the slice now shows the correctly filtered rows? But the dashboard does not show the correctly-filtered rows?


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Please post a screenshot demonstrating an affected dashboard view is correctly configured to use the now-working slice.