Dynamic Dashboard Filter Malfunction

It’s just empty while the filters are blank

I need to see the configurations.



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Yes, thank you!

The configuration does in fact appear correct, so again I’m think the problem is with the slice. Try using the following as your slice row filter expression instead of what you have currently:

[_ThisRow] = minrow("Filter Table", "_RowNumber", (useremail() = [Email]))

Still nothing

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I’m afraid I’m at a loss, then. I’m going to have to recommend you engage Support so that someone there can look at your app configuration.


Maybe the filter is interpreting it as looking for blank columns? Caregiver/Installer is a ref type column that bases its info on the Id of field employees and some rows in estimate have a blank caregiver/installer column. I got the notion when I isolated the filter formula down to a single criterion:

or(isblank(Filter Table[Installer]),in([Caregiver/Installer],Filter Table[Installer]))

and this is what happens:

and this is what the result are when someone is selected