Dynamic dashboard with charts

I am creating a dynamic dashboard with charts and dependent dropdowns.

  1. When I change a value in the main column, I need values in 3 other columns with dropdowns to be deleted/cleared automatically - I have tried “Reset on edit”, but it resets for every single edit. Can I reset to blank only when the values in the main column change?

  2. Can I dynamically choose different columns to analyze the data? for example, decide “ColumntoAnalyze” based on a dropdown. The calculations are done on a different column using the formula SUM(SELECT(TableA[ColumntoAnalyze], TRUE)) - [ColumntoAnalyze] this value is determined by the dropdown.

  3. Same as number 2, but dynamically select table to use in the select function. How can I do that?

Thanks in Advance

#1 - You could create an action to reset those columns with an Event action when the form is saved.
#2 & #3 - You could make it with a SWITCH expression like…

Thanks for the reply.
1 - Kindly give more information. Just to be clear, I want to reset to blank the other dropdown columns only when the value in column A changes (not the whole row is edited)
2 - I had a temporary solution using IFS, but the formula is too long. The switch formula will definitely reduce the formulas
N.B I am editing all this in a detail view to dynamically alter the chart, so time is very important

You would need to create 3 individual actions for resetting the value and then merge them with a “Execute a sequence of actions”. You then need to choose that action for the option “Event actions”. You can find that option from the form view’s definition.

Thanks, I am almost there, but still one issue

How can I make the action to trigger only when Column A changes?
Btw, I checked Event Actions on detail view and you cannot edit it.