Dynamic Display Name in a Filtered View

Assume an Order - Order Items kind of schema. Row selection on Orders table view invokes an action that opens the Order Items inline table view. This is done with a LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW, where the filter expression is Orders Items Order ID = Order ID.

The question is whether it is possible to set the Display property of the Order Items inline table view to that of the Order ID. This way the users knows which order’s items they are currently viewing.

Unless things have changed since I last tinkered with this, the answer is no. :frowning:

So you could use a grouped action. One action would be an add row to a most recent order selected table and then the second action would be your link to filtered view.
You can use a formula for the display name of the view that is based on the most recent order selected.

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This post is about setting the display name of a view’s header. I agree with Steve, and Austin has provided a feasible workaround.

The feature request that you linked is about how inline actions take over the column headers display name.

These are not particularly related.