Dynamic Display setting works in Detail View not it Table View

Hello all,

I have set-up a Column Display as a formula. It works fine in Detail View but does not work in Table View.

I think I know why, but I don’t know how to fix it or if it’s something that can be done. Any help appreciated!

See attached image.

The Table View shown is an inline table view based on a list of items in the column [Sets]. Where does the [Sets] column pull its rows of data from - i.e. which table is it pulling those rows from? Is it the same table as that used in your Detail View?

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That is correct, the Table View is an inline table view pulling data from table “Sets”. The Detail View is for the first record on that inline view. So both the Detail View and the Inline View are pulling from the same table.

Sorry for the delayed response. Since they both pull from the same table, the Display name should have the same value.

However, the two examples screenshots you are showing are for two different records as indicated by the Reps field. Since [Variable], used in the Display Name, is a column, it seems it might be using an expression that is behaving differently between these two records.

Can you show here the expression you have implemented in the [Variable] column?

Hi John,

Here are the screenshots. This time I used the same record. There’s only one now.

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I’m guessing, since it can be one of 2 options, it’s not bringing any of them, because it could be different for some records in the same table. Even if all the given records in one table view have the same one.

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Correct. The table column header must be a consistent value that can apply to all of the rows.

What you could do is is create a column named something like “Amount” and then concatenate the value with the measure variable to create values like “35 Libras” or “20 Minutos”.

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Yep, that’s what I’m thinking. Thanks for the help!