Dynamic filter data by year month and custom date

I have a table which then used for graph. I want to search that graph by date.
I want a dynamic dropdown list, which first shows “by year”, “by half year”, “by quarter” and “by custom”.
When user select “by custom”. Then only the date filter appear with “start date” and “end date”.

(I am using here aggrigate donut chart with sum of payment.)

Thanks in advance😊

One workaround is with the Dashboard view. Check the sample app “Filtered Dashboard” from www.appsheet.com/portfolio/531778.


I want a list in which first appear Year, Half Year, Quarter Year and Custom.
When i click on custom it then show me flexible start and end date option to filter.

That sample app uses only one option to select. You could add Start Date and End Date options as well. The main filter could be an Enum field (with buttons) like Year, Half Year, Quarter and Custom.