Dynamic filter for simultaneous users

An app has an object table including 2 columns: object and area.
2 users are using the app simultaneously. User 1 selects area 1 and based on that seletion, a slice on the object table shows only the objects in the area selected. At the same time, user 2 does the same with area 2. I built this by saving the area selected in a table with one record only. The problem is that both users save the area they select in the same table, therefore, when user 1 changes the area, it changes for user 2 also. Is there a way to use a local variable at the device level for the area selection, to avoid user 1 changing the selection of user 2? Or in other words, is there a way to create a dynamic slice from a selection on the device such as it is not affected by the selection on another device?

Use CONTEXT(“Device”) for each user’s own filters. And each user can only see their own filter row.