Dynamic form

Hello I am trying to generate an order fullfilment app. so I have customers, orders and deliveries, one order can have multiple deliveries. so I need to add a new delivery, and then the items delivered from the order. I am having trouble filtering the order detail.

the delivery form goes, select cliente, select order, and then the items from the order but the dropdown shows all the orders.

What formula are you using for your “Items” dropdown?

What I am doing is that the delivery details is refered to the order detail using the product id.

Have you consulted this?

Demo of dependent dropdowns:

I have tried this but I am filling a detail delivery table and want the dropdown filter by a data on the parent table that is the order table.

Ok I figure it out, I created a virtual column that has the value that I need to filter and then I use a dropdown using a select xpresion on the valid_if field