Dynamic Group Name

Is it possible to dynamically name a grouping in Deck View? I have a column [Mgr Approved] and its a Yes/No column. Was hoping to show the Deck View grouped with a title of Manager Approved: Y and Manager Approved: N as the group header names.

Changing column Display setting to Concatenate("Manager Approved: "[Mgr Approved] only changes the column title in the Detail View.

Thoughts on accomplishing this?

If I understand correctly, i think there are two ways you can solve this.

  1. The Yes/No columns now have the ability to specify button label values. So you can set the yes value to “Manager Approved: Y” and the no value to “Manager Approved: N”. These will show on the buttons and should also show as the Group Heading when the [Mgr Approved] column is grouped.

If you don’t like these values showing as the button values, I think you can use an expression to change the label value based on context. So for example, the yes value expression could be:

IF(CONTEXT("ViewType") = "Table",  "Manager Approve: Y",  "Yes")

Then a similar expression for the no value expression.

The Yes/No button labeling is relatively new so I’m not sure the above will work as described.

  1. You can create an additional (virtual or physical) column that sets the text as “Manager Approved: Y” or “Manager Approved: N” based on the value of [Mgr Approved] column. Then simply group by that column instead.

#2 is a perfect solution!


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