Dynamic PDF viewing

I have weekly meetings that are done in small groups.
I also have outlines, presentations, or lessons in pdf form.
I want to be able to select a google drive linked based on which one is selected.

based on the week I have an option of files to view using the following expression

column type: Enum
Base type: URL

SELECT(TBM Lessons[Lesson], WEEKNUM([Date/Week]) = WEEKNUM(TODAY())),1)

this returns a list of URLS, based on what is set for the week.
The user selects one.

in the behavior actions tab I made a rule for opening the link

Question: Is there a way to open a pdf based on the URL inputed into a column?

Found a solution.
I made the type a show, the category URL, and content my expression.
However, this does not give the user an option to choose which pdf to view.

I would still like to know if there is a better solution.

@CLS_Dispatch - were you able to find a better solution? If so, would you care to share? If not (a better solution), would you care to share a screenshot of where you put the expression?