Dynamic view name

I have a list of projects/jobs. When I click on a job I have an action that takes me to a filtered view of the phases for that job. The view is just called “Phases”, but I’m wondering if there’s any way to have it show the job name instead. I’m not sure if this is possible since you can’t use column values for display name expressions.

I have not tried this but you can create small simple table with a single row/single column. When you tap the Action, the first thing you do is set this single cell table to the Job View Name you want. When the view is activated you should be able to use a Filter() or Select() statement to assign the Display Name.

Of course you could fit this single cell into some other table if you have it. Some developers have a settings table they use for thing of this nature.

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Are you saying to use an action to change the display name? I’ve read your comment about 5 times and I’m not understanding what you mean. :grimacing:


You mentioned you have an Action already that takes you to a filtered view. Add to that Action (make it a Grouped Action) a step that first saves the desired View Name to a different table - I was suggesting a new table with a single row and single column but it could be in any other table.

Say the new table is called Settings and you add the column named “Job View Name”.

In the Display Name property of the view you could update its expression to be:

ANY(SELECT(Settings[Job View Name], true))

ANY() just give you the first value in the list but since there will be only one - no problem! Or course if you used a different table you would need to adjust the SELECT() statement to get at that view name data.

Clear as mud??