Dynamically Generating Info in Inline Views

Here’s the issue:

I have 2 tables: Sessions and Users. This is a many to many relationship so there is a junction table sessions_users between them.

When viewing Sessions I would like the inline view to show a list of Users and vice versa. The issue is that viewing Details of either table shares the same inline view sessions_users_inline, so the information displayed can be confusing. If the inline view were a card it looks something like this:

Sessions Detail View :
Related sessions_users :
Joe Smith
Afternoon Session

Users Detail View:
Related sessions_users:
Joe Smith
Afternoon Session

BUT, I would like to reverse those, so that viewing the Users Detail shows
Afternoon Session
Joe Smith

Is there a way to have 2 inline views and force one or the other? CONTEXT() doesn’t seem to work because it returns the inline view, not the “enclosing” view, and is not reliable in a virtual column anyway.

Any ideas? I can do this in whatever way seems to yield the desired results. Thanks!


  1. create a slice on the sessions_users table called say sessions_users_sessions

  2. In the system generated VC [Related sessions_users] in the Sessions table , please replace Sessions table name with the slice name in the expression

REF_ROWS(“sessions_users_sessions”, “Key Column of Sessions table”)

In this VCs’ configuration under 'Type Details" section, replace reference table name with the slice name sessions_users_sessions

  1. Create a table or deck summary view with the column order as you wish on the sessions_users_sessions slice. Configure this view as ref type

With the above , you should be able to see the different inline views for the two tables as desired.


Brilliant! Thanks!

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