Dynamically get a list of my primary views

I want to add a user setting to let users pick their starting view but since we are adding lots of variations of our main views to the menu, is there a way to make the enum automatically get the view names from either primary or menu?

Nope; there’s no way to query the app to get a list of configured views. Your best bet would be to create a table of available views and query that.


expected :pensive: just wanted to make sure

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Don’t starting views ONLY apply the first time a user uses the app?


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How do you get over the App remembering where the user left off?

See: Appsheet dynamic starting view after each sync

SteveSteve Coile

Nov '19

No, what you want is not possible.

I’d love to know how you are doing that. I tried many different methods but gave up after realizing that the app ALWAYS (at least I thought always, returned to the last view the user was in).

Browser version or Mobile?

AFAIK, mobile version will always reset after being unused for a significant enough period of time.

I’m betting the browser version is “stickier” in this regards (very familiar here with browser version users not receiving updates until doing a manual ctrl-F5 force refresh). If you’re leaving the browser tab always open, then it will definitely be retaining the URL of the most recent view.

Quick test just now it does seem to stick to the last view, even when closing a tab and re-opening with the main “browser link”.

You could perhaps retrieve the full URL for your desired starting view and use that as your bookmark for starting the app.

Otherwise, good question, I’m not sure.

Usually mobile. It’s inconsistent, mostly remaining in the view I left it in but sometimes showing the starting view I have for all non new users.

That’s interesting to know about browser users having to do something to get the app updates. I’ll have to note that for future troubleshooting. I just deployed my app in the last week so am new to that side of it.

Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences.

As far as I have seen @Marc_Dillon’s assessment of browser being moderately sticky on remembering where you left off is correct. I have a script that clears the cookies and cache weekly on my work desktop due to other issues that appsheet has with caching. This inherently means that my own view constantly changes but I do find that even before it clears the cache it brings me to the starting view more often than not.

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I’ve noticed that, too.

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