Dynamically retrieving system text value in localisation expressions

I am trying to set up a dynamic expression on the localisation screen that can translate regardless of what the system text value is.

At the moment, I am having to manually customise each expression so that it contains the specific system text for each one.

For example, for the “Save” system text row, I have to set the expression up as

Lookup( “Save”, “Translations”, “Term”, “Translation”)

(I have a Translations table with a key of “Term” and a virtual field of “Translations” that looks up the users preferred language on a users table and then populates the Translation field with the appropriate language version of the term).

Is there any way I can replace the fixed “Save” value with an expression that will automatically retrieve the system text value for that row in the localisation list?

Nope. :frowning:

Thanks for the quick answer Steve.

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