Dynamically updating column

I have an app that tracks employee hours and auto calculates total wages monthly per each employee.

Now, I would like to dynamicaly rename a column Total Wages whenever employee clocks out and thus recalculates all total wages.

I’ve used a concatenation formula in display field: "Total Wages "& [sum of all employee hours this month].

I’ve created virtual field “[sum of all employee hours this month]” which sums all employee total wages for this month.

But instead of column dynamicaly updating into (example):

-----Employee name—Total Wages (100 usd)-—Clock In—Clock Out

I only get Total Wages label.

-----Employee name—Total Wages-—Clock In—Clock Out

I hope I make sense.

Thank you in advance.

Did you “Test” the column name expression?

In what kind of view are you looking at the column names? If in an “aggregate” type View (like Table, Deck, Inline, Card, etc) this expression won’t work. It’ll only work in a single-record view (Detail, Form).


Yes, it’s a Table view, so that means it won’t work. Thank you for clarifiying this.