E mail attachment template. I added header/f...

E mail attachment template.

I added header/footer to the email template. Run the work flow, but I got PDF where header appears only first page.

The footer appears only the last page, but footer texts are sitting within the main body of the template rather than bottom (footer). Not sure if this is a bug or coming from design ?

plus.google.com - Email templates in Google Docs – headers and footers I have a header and a … Email templates in Google Docs – headers and footers I have a header and a … plus.google.com

@Aleksi_Alkio Thank you for guiding me to

the past post. All noted.

You’re welcome

Do you happen to know if there is an updated link, as the G+ one above no longer works. Thanks

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hi, all.
i want to use the google doc attachment template with header and footer in all pages.
my header is only showing in the 1st page, and i cannot see the footer at all.
since google+ is gone, can you please re-post the solution to this?
many thanks.

There is currently no workaround available to repeat headers on multiple pages unfortunately.

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thanks @tsuji_koichi

Let s keep fingers crossed Appsheet dev team will make it happen in the near future.

Koichi’s answer is correct.

Implementing page headers and footers is a huge amount of work. It requires creating a “page layout engine” that keeps track of how the output from the existing “workflow template replacement” step will be formatted on the page. Doing page layout accurately when the resulting HTML contains numerous fonts, cascading style sheet styles, HTML tables, and images is extremely hard. Maybe someday, but I doubt it will be anytime soon.

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