E-mail Lookup Expression

I am sending a workflow e-mail.

I want the E-mail reply to address to be the same as the corresponding [trainer E-mail]

The workflow is referencing a table called Candidates
The candidates table references the table Campaign
The table Campaign references the table Trainers that contains the [Trainer E-mail]

I’m sure there is a way to pull the correct e-mail address, but I just can’t figure out the right path.


Remove the quotes from around [Trainer E-Mail].

The app says “Unable to find Trainer E-mail”

The problem is that "[Trainer E-Mail]" is a Text value with the literal content, [Trainer E-Mail], which is not in any way a valid email address. It is not a column value reference as I suspect you intend. Removing the quotes makes it a column value reference, but the error suggests there is no column named Trainer E-Mail.

Somehow I need to pull the Trainer E-mail from the associated campaign that is associated with the Candidate.

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If you look at the screenshots, you will see my dilemma.

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Try this as the Reply To expression for the workflow:

    "Campaign Info",
    "Campaign ID",
    "Trainer Name"
  "Trainer Name",
  "Trainer E-Mail"